Summer Party Tips


It’s summer so more sunlight and longer hours of fun. You thinking of holding an event, party or wedding? This is about the best time to organized one. But first you will need a venue. You thinking of outdoor, garden, tent, or indoor event? which ever place you decide to have your event matters a lot but doesn’t affect the fun. I personally feel outdoor events are more appropriate now. It’s summer so why waste the sunlight.

After the venue comes the number of guests expected. When planning, it is always good to make provision for at lest 30 – 50 more people than the expected number. This is so you don’t freck out when the unexpected shows up before the invited guests and no more food to serve. So make provision for more guests.

Next, what do you have in mind, BBQ party, buffet, lunch, dinner, cocktail or just celebrating a fun time with few family and friends. You have to be sure of which so you know the kind of food to serve. How much food do you need? Consider your guests and gathering type before you place a catering order.

What time of the day is your event? how long will your party last? Who is coming and what is the event? Having answers to this questions will set you off to a fun filled event. Enjoy your summer party


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