Where has decency and civility gone

image Certain level of body exposure and romance should be done indoors not out on the street. Because you are in love doesn’t mean all kids should be grounded or banished from the streets. Moral standard has gone so low that the society frowns at nothing any more. Some of the celebrities we look up to are worst culprits; society embraces their faults and celebrate their stupidity.

Where has the Please and Thank you gone to? I hate to say it but it seems only the wealthier people still maintain some level of decency. No matter who you are or what you have not, you should learn to say the basic courtesy phrases; excuse me, you are welcome, thank you and please. Young people make up a quarter of the world’s population — over 1.8 billion. They shape social and economic development, challenge social norms and values. We shouldn’t deprive them of a decent life by feeling nonchalant over the level of decadence in our society. Decency will take you where money won’t go.


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