My Two Favourite Fashion Items

imageToday I have chosen to write 10 reasons why I love my two favourite fashion items; bracelets and shoes. And why you should love them too.

Why I love shoes

1. They’re just the most awesome fashion item.

2. High heels literally raise your status because they make you physically taller when you wear them.

3. I love art and trust me, dressing your feet is definitely an art.

4. Believe it or not, they raise your self-confidence even if it’s just a little bit, but they imagestill do.

5. Shopping for shoes make me feel good. Psychologists have proven that dopamine the neurotransmitter in the brain that releases “feel good” sensations go up when we buy apparel. This stays longer when we buy shoes. So, it does not just make me look good, it makes me feel good too.

6. I’m just going to quote Coco Chanel here, “a woman with good shoes is never ugly.”


Why I love bracelets…

7. With the exception of short necklaces and ear rings, bracelets and rings are jewelleries you can actually see and admire on yourself.

8. Some of them jingle (charm bracelets in particular), they add a touch of playfulness to your wrists.

9. They have no limits whatsoever. You can dress them up or down, put as many as you wish in whatever style you want, you can mix and match. They just have no rules and that is totally awesome.

10. The charm bracelet most especially can form a part of you, it can reflect who you are, what you stand for, things that are important to you, things you love and so many more. You can attach sentimental value to your bracelets by adding the most appropriate charm.
These are the reasons I love my two fashion items. I hope you like them too.


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