5 Reasons to Have a Signature Style

It’s fun to have a signature style, fashion piece or makeup. It’s personal to you and says a lot about you. The first step to choosing a signature style or fashion piece is identifying what suits your personality, gradually improving on it and sticking to it to create a unique you. After deciding to get one, the next things to focus on are your style, body frame and your personality. Don’t go copying someone else’s signature style/piece, you are you, there is no one alive who is Youer than you. Be yourself, you are unique. Reasons to have a signature fashion piece or style.

image1. It tells a lot about you.

2. It’s versatile, fits around your dressing.

3. You gradually turn a simple piece of fashion item or style into your own very brand.

4. You feel comfortable and complete having it around.

5. It saves you a whole lot of money.

imageIf you get a signature necklace for instance, it’s saves you the energy, time and money from buying many other ones. You are simply happy with your special one signature necklace. Choose a signature that highlights your best features. Don’t limit yourself to items, your signature style could be a color, hair, fragrance just anything. Be creative. Just like my signature pout, wonder how that came about.


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