My small wardrobe…

imageimageI am a typical college student, a small size and a very lazy shopper. Well these are the factors (I think) that result to my really small wardrobe. Just in case you are wondering, I’m talking clothe-wise and not space-wise. Although I seem to have a small wardrobe, (or that’s what I think) I don’t think it stops me from expressing myself stylishly with my few clothes.

My small wardrobe has taught me a lot really. But the most I have learnt is creativity. I have come to know that fashion itself is a form of art. So dressing yourself every morning, like other forms of art requires a great deal of creativity.

imageI have somehow realised that one piece of clothing or even an accessory mustn’t be worn in only one way. Sometimes, they may not even be worn in the way they were created to be worn. In essence, never let anyone or any circumstance (like having a small wardrobe like me) stop you from expressing yourself with your clothes and in your own style.

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