Where have all my Soaps Gone?

imageAt times you get so hooked to a nice soap that when it comes to an end it’s as if a part of you ended with it. When that time of the day comes, you still find yourself fiddling with the TV remote. To me the older soaps are far better than the recent ones. Most of the recent soaps lack basic moral lessons. At the end of an episode, you find yourself wondering why you wasted your precious time watching it. The older soaps are more entertaining, fresh, stylish and decent. Remember Monica, Rachel & Phebe in Friends? Was still trying to cope with the cancellation of the Tomorrow People, when The Big Bang Theory stopped showing new episodes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lily, Robin & Ted are leaving as well. Aired the very last How I Met Your Mother today. The program ran for nine solid years. Just as I was about to use the daily two hours of Gilmore Girls to make up for all the losses, it was unceremoniously stopped. What a catastrophe! However, after much complaints, emails, calls from fans, the program was brought back but just for an hour. These soaps are decent, entertaining, and do not involve nudity, swear, violence that characterised todays’s films and soaps.image

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