Attitude of Gratitude

Watching the TV is no more fun these days. For you to enjoy it you need to customize your favourite channels, so you don’t dabble into the news stations. And when and if you accidentally tune in to the news channels….end of serenity. There is crisis in all four corners of the earth, ranging from war to diseases ravaging the world. The only place to look to now is just up, to God.

We eat good food, sleep in houses, have friends, not sick and no war or rumours of war where we live. Isn’t this enough reason to be grateful to God. However, in our attitude of gratitude let us remember to pray for those who lack what we enjoy.
There is one aspect we however always over look and that’s depression. This is the root cause of many negative actions. Another problem with this, is the fact that depression is not a noticeable sickness. If you try to find answers to all issues by yourself, you will end up with more questions. I know some groups you can call and just talk while they listen. The Samaritan and the Premier Christian Radio are just two of them, am sure there are many more. When you need to talk to someone about that thing you can’t talk to your friends about, why not call one of these groups rather than bottling it all up. No one deserves to be lonely. If you know any of such groups, do leave their name below. Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness
and to make a difference.image


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