10 Ways to Coordinate Your Separates

Have you ever tried to match your separates to create a classic and classy outfit but gave up because it looked and seemed impossible? You grew weary in your search to coordinate your classy separates but you never gave up. Desire gave you renewed strength and you did not grow weary because somewhere somehow you know it’s possible. image

It’s very possible to own little and still be very stylish. Try taking a course called self coordination run by your imagination. Knowing who you are in fashion gives you the liberty to mix, mis-match and coordinate http://confidentlystylish.com/fashion-mix-matching-fun-the-law-is-broken. You may ask, who am I in fashion? You are an original version of yourself. You are a unique brand. Stop trying to be and dressing like someone else. News flash, that someone you are trying to dress like is also trying to be like someone.image 10 Ways to coordinate your separates
1. First and foremost, buy stuffs you don’t already have. Don’t buy cos they are on sale.
2. Experiment with nail polish. Try different colors and see how each color complement your skin, hair or eyes. (wipe off colors after experimenting)
3. Be creative. This is a unique quality that designers posses.
4. There are loads of free apps that deal with colors. Download one or two.
5. Arrange the colors how you would love to wear them. The color of your top above followed by your skirt or trouser color, shoe and bag colors etc in that order.image
6. Arrange your separates where and how it’s very easy to see in your close.
7. Remember you are coordinating these separates around one or two bags and shoes.
8. If you are not very bold with colors, try the gradual approach. Add a dash of your favourite bold color to your outfit.
9. When it comes to shoes and bags, buy versatile good brands.
10. Walk confidently stylish in your creations.
Is coordinating separates fun or stress? What’s your take.

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