My Twitter is Stuck

imageI don’t know if it happens to anyone else but in plain and simple sentence my twitter is stuck. I don’t know if twitter system is hacked, breached or totally broken, all I know is that my followers are not adding up. By my simple calculation I should have way over a thousand followers, because I get an average of 15 followers a day, but I have been stuck at 330 for months. I don’t know if anyone experienced this?

To see my tweets retweeted and favourited was fun to me. I never used to bother about follower base cos I was tweeting for fun and I associated large subscriber/follower to youtube channels, felt they needed it more. Until I started getting private messages from my followers, I became observant and noticed my twitter was actually stuck. No matter how much fun I was getting twitting no one likes to be stagnated. I hate all things not mobile, so I emailed twitter support, they checked and said it was not blocked, so what’s the problem? They mentioned people unfollowing, yeah am aware of that, we all unfollow people we find inactive or uninteresting. But it’s unusual to get 15 followers and 15 people unfollowing same day.

imageI was just so displeased with twitter that I didn’t bother anymore about twitter as a whole until I came across this blog, So this is not just a twitter antic. Just as Opinionatedman rightly blogged “I blog for numbers and it stings when I see my follower number not rise according to “schedule.” Now I understand the importance of numbers and when it’s not increasing accordingly it’s frustrating. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the social medias of our lives.

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