Exciting World of Fashion and Style

There is always something happening in the world of fashion and style and that’s why I love this world. The retailers are forever trying to outsmart each other or just tryinimageg to be one step ahead. A busy world you will say. Now what’s up in this interesting world today.

1. As speculation continues surrounding the imminent floatation of Jimmy Choo, we look into the New Bond Street store expansion of the shoe brand. Jimmy Choo have recently expanded and renovated their 27 New Bond Street store. The new 2,160 square foot boutique spans three floors and stocks the complete range of Jimmy Choo merchandise including eyewear and perfumes. The high-end footwear company founded in 1996, now has more than 180 stores in 32 countries and is available in the most prestigious department stores. Three floors of Jimmy Choo? Every girl’s best destination.

2. Department store Debenhams has launched a social selling strategy in the run up to Christmas this year, in partnership with Buyapowa. Buyapowa is a social commerce platform that has created a unique e-commerce model called ‘Co-buying’. It gives customers a genuine level of control alongside real entertainment and social currency. Meanwhile former Mothercare Chief Financial Officer Matt Smith has ported to Debenhams. Hmmmm the grass must be greener in Debenhams.

3. Online fashion retailer Boohoo.com is one of the UK’s leading online fashion retailers; it designs, sources, markets and sells its own branded clothing, shoes and accessories. The online retailer announced figures for the first half of the financial year, increasing its revenues to £67 million, up 31% on the same time last year. The Manchester based company was founded in 2006 and it has grown rapidly, with over 2.3 million active users and approximately 140,000 new customers registering per month. Several analysts are wondering whether the online fashion start-up is stealing market share from its larger rival ASOS. This is due to the fact that Boohoo’s UK sales are flowing while ASOS are being forced to discount heavily in order to drive additional sales growth. Say clash of the titans.

4. Irish clothing retailor Primark has partnered with Love Beauty to offer in-store beauty services at affordable prices. Recently launched nail and brow studio, Love Beauty is the company founded by Monika Mohindra who has worked for and is the sibling of eyebrow expert and entrepreneur Shavatah Singh. Mohindra chose Primark as the location for her studio so as to appeal to consumers looking for treatments at a reasonable cost. The new addition to Primark’s stores is at a good price point in the market. A luxury manicure with Love Beauty is priced at £25 whereas the same service at salon Nails Inc. sets consumers back £55. To have eyebrows threaded in Primark will cost £5, in comparison to Benefit Brow Bars in Debenhams who charge approximately £11.50 (depending on location). Trust Primark to always bring you fashion for less.

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