what is it with Apple and annoying ios?

What is it with Apple? Once you buy an Apple gadget you fall under the control of Apple and it’s bunch of over zealous technicians. Once Apple releases a new product, it introduces a new iOS. These iOS are meant to be a form of upgrade but installing them doesn’t seem like an upgrade to me, just make the mistake of installing them while you are busy and find your whole day disorganised. Apple should look for ways to demystify the ipad rather than introducing annoying iOS http://confidentlystylish.com/dear-apple-please-demystify-ipad. Just installed iOS 8.0 and the result is just very annoying. Most frustrating is the size of safari search bar. Ok, headed back to setting, did few adjustments but the safari search bar and some former normal webpages font remain very small. Sorry Apple but you missed it this time. Do I need glasses to use the iPad? Next thing we know Apple is selling IOS enable glasses to enable us read the tiny fonts.


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