Don’t Waste Your Pain

Pain changes us. How the pain changes you is left to you. You can come out bitter or better. Don’t go imagethrough it, grow though it. That pain is not there to stop you. But to prepare you. If the pain will harm us rather than help you, God will take it away. Never forget God is always in complete control. If everything was easy we won’t be prepared for our destiny. Without the pain we can’t reach the fullness of our destiny. Difficulties are part of live. If they were too much, God will turn down the themostart. The reason the bar is so hot is because God has something glorious in your future. If you stay in faith very soon the pain will go. When you are in a difficult situation don’t focus on the pain but on the positives. Believe that pain will launch you into a greater destiny.  Deep Discounts on Jewelry at MiniInTheBox

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