wisdom is New Style

imageWhat I say to you and what you hear from me may be different. It’s the interpretation that matters. Favouritism has torn families apart and still doing so. When you try to help God, you mess stuff up. At times obstacles are ways God uses to teach us patience. Until you learn they will be there. At the end you will be prepared, qualified and ready to handle anything. When you hit bumps the enemy will always whispers, “your best days are over, you can never make it.” But God never gives up on us. God will never take some thing away without giving you something better. Don’t fight a season of separation. If you are always comfortable with the decision of your flesh, you will never grow. Our feelings always tell us things that make us comfortable right now. It’s better if you are paying the price of decipline today.

Ok that well said, now let’s have a look at how much fashion has drifted to the right side. The cold and the rain came this year in full force making the many fashion retails hosts to all the ladies wanting to stand out even in the cold. Good thing is, fashion trend has improved remarkably; gone are the days of black, gravy and brown winter jackets. M&S, Debenham and Next has stock lovely colours and styles. Another new trend is the long coat. They short ones are still here but the longer ones rule. These are just few of the many classy jackets out there, will cover more next time.image


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