Honor: Key to Rivers of Favor

imageHonor is the key that unlocks the rivers of favour in your life. Honor brings you before kings and makes you sit where hard work can never take you to. I believe in hard work, however after all the sleepless nights and strategising, look for those that hold the answers to your question and solutions to the problem, give honor to receive favor. Honor releases Favor. You can show Honor in many ways; in words, words create divine changes. Honor can be shown through action, this is by adhering to the particular code of conduct of the environment, by the way every environment has a code of conduct for entring it. The strangest way of showing Honor is by being silent.

Three keys to Effective Honor

  1. Listen. Master the act of listening. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Listening is with the intention to obey. When you are a listener, you are pulling ideas, wisdom, and knowledge from the speaker. The prove that you listen is that you change. Be quick to hear (listen) and slow to speak. No one will show you Favor if they realise you never listen to anything they say. Always inspire people to talk to you by being a good listener.

  2. Obey. To listen is good but not good enough, obeying and putting into action what you listen to is very important. No matter how much you profess to Honor and love people, if you disregard what they say, you don’t respect them. Jesus said how can you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?

  3. Thankfulness. Always be thankful, quit murmuring and complaining. By the way ungratefulness is a sin. Make gratitude your attitude.


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