Still on New Year, New You

imageIt’s two months into the new year and you suddenly realized you want to be more confident in your approach to life, dress to suit your body shape and at same time looking stylish. Just as the saying goes, looking good is good business. However, you had so much turkey during the Christmas season and now your self esteem is swinging low.

The recent fashion trends are a bit tricky so you are confused on where and how to get the balance. If new style does not suit your physical frame, dont fit into the crowd by wearing it. And what’s more, everyone may be wearing the newest fashion trend, so you might as well not wear them thereby standing out in your own style but try not to stand too far out from the crowd. This is what I call Fashion101.

Identifying your fashion issues is a step to getting it right. Never let your clothes wear you, always let your personality shine through your clothes. And of ‘cos always staying calm and happy make you look better no matter what you are wearing. It’s possible to be comfortable at the same time stylish. Always make sure you are comfortable with what you have on. Tailor your dressing to fit your personality. Try wearing what suits and flatters your personality.

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